Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories reviews and information

Official extended battery

At the start of 2013 Samsung’s official extended battery for the Galaxy S3 will hit the market. The battery has an improved capacity of 3000 mAH (compared to 2100 mAH of the standard battery).


The price tag for this battery will be around 35 euro’s.

Compared to the old battery, the new one is slightly bigger. This means that the old back of the Galaxy S3 won’t fit, but don’t worry! With the battery the kit also provides you with a new back to put on your Galaxy S3. With the extended battery in place your phone will be somewhat thicker, and weigh a bit more. But in our opinion this is totally worth it.

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New colors for the Galaxy S3 flip case

When you buy an expensive phone like a Galaxy S3, you will want to protect it. This is why a lot of people decide to buy a case to protect their phone. Samsung created their own cases for the Galaxy S3 called the flip case

What’s special about the official case, is that it replaces the original back of the phone by a new one. Attached to the back is a ‘flip cover’ that you can flip in front of the screen to protect it, kinda like a book.

The official flip cover has been really popular (and we can see why)  and now Samsung has decided to release it in colors. In the past the flip cover was only available in blue and white (matching the marble white and pebble blue Galaxy S3)

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Samsung to introduce larger battery

According to SamMobile Samsung is planning to release a new battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a much higher capacity. According to the source the new battery will have a capacity of 3000mAh, a huge increase over the standard 2100 mAh battery.

Not all the details are clear, so we don’t know how much bigger the new battery will be and how this will change the appearance and weight of the phone. We can imagine the new battery to increase the thickness of the Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3 stylus: the C-pen

The C-pen is a stylus designed for the Samsung Galaxy S3 by Samsung. While other recent phones like the Samsung Note came out with a stylus in the package, for the Galaxy S3 Samsung has decided to have the stylus as an accessory.

While the Galaxy S3 can be controlled fine using just your fingers, having a stylus of course has some great advantages. It allows you to control your phone with much great accuracy, this will save you valuable time when you type a lot of text messages or emails on your phone. Another advantage of using a stylus is that you don’t have to worry about finger prints on your phone.

When you use your phone to draw a lot, for example when playing the popular game drawsomething, this stylus could really take your drawings to the next level.

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Wireless charging for the S III confirmed

In the past few months we heard the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could be charged without a wire numerous times. Yesterday Samsung confirmed that it is indeed possible to charge your Galaxy S III by using a wireless charging kit.

Of course, charging by wire is still possible (and probably faster), but you can also buy a special add on that will allow you to charge your phone if it lay’s somewhere near the kit.

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