The new camera features

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More and more is getting known about the Samsung Galaxy S3. In this post we will have a look at the new camera software.

For the S3, next to a huge improvement hardware wise, Samsung has also done a great job improving the camera software for the Galaxy S3. In this post we will have a look at some of the new options the phone has to offer.

Burst and best picture mode

It is hard to capture a picture when there is a lot of action going on. For this, Samsung has created the burst mode. In burst mode the phone captures twenty shots during a couple of seconds. Later on you can than browse through all the pictures and pic the one you like.

But, when you use the burst mode a lot, picking the right picture out of every pile of 20 pics can be tedious, this is why Samsung has also added best picture mode. In this mode the phone will create a series of pictures and automaticaly select the best looking one.

Best picture mode – out of 8 pictures the phone selects the best one

 Social network tagging

With the Galaxy S3, Samsung has implemented smart facial recognition software on the phone. Create a picture of own of your friends and tag them once, from then on the phone will automatically recognize that person in other pictures you take.

The automatic tagging works great because it allows you to quickly share your just taken picture with your friend in the picture, for example using facebook or whatsapp.

smart Facial Recognition

Next to these new features, the phone also supports standard camera features like HDR, panorama and smile shot. Another itneresting thing to note is the great amount of options you can set, giving you much more control over your pictures than you did in the past.


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