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A couple of hours ago, Samsung mobile tweeted the following message: “Destination tgeltaayehxnx”. After some thinking it quickly became clear that tgeltaayehxnx is an anagram for “The Next Galaxy”.

When visiting the url you will see a count down timer on it. What could this mean?

Samsung marketing at its best

The last few weeks things have been crazy with daily leaks, rumors, fakes, pictures and information on Samsung’s upcoming phone. However, we still know almost nothing, the only thing we do know is that Samsung will announce “The Next Galaxy” on May 3rth. However, what this “next galaxy” is remains unknown, could it be the Samsung Galaxy S3?

The tweet that stared this all

One thing is sure, with this new website Samsung will create a huge buzz about the next galaxy.

Further investigation

Of course, we didn’t want to wait until tomorrow so we had a look at the source code to see if we could find some hints about what will happen tomorrow. Luckily for us, we found the following directory:

It contains all the files for the website and gives us a clue about what will happen tommorow. By the looks of it, tomorrow we will have to solve another puzzel to get new information. See the following pictures we found hidden on the website:

The Hint button telling you what you will need to do

And the letters that need to be put in the correct order:

A button we have found that will be shown once you have finished the puzzel. We have no idea where the button will take us

Solving the puzzle

We know the goal, and we know the letters, so time to solve the puzzle. Of course this is a piece of cake and the answer of the puzzle is: TheNextGalaxy.

So the logical thing to do was visit, but our path ended their since the site is locked with a password, for now. It seems logical that when the count down timer ends, the puzzle and the site will be available to the public.

What we will see there is unknown, but it will probably be more teasing from Samsung. We can’t imagine Samsung to announce an device on this site tomorrow, not with a Samsung unpacked event just around the corner.

What could it be? Perhaps Samsung will show a teaser video on the website, similar to what they did with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Let’s hope it won’t be another puzzle and this time some real and valuable information!

What do you think will be visible on that website? Let us know in the comments!

source: Twitter Samsung Mobile

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