First pictures taken with the Galaxy S3 show up

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A lot of the rumors we heard the last few months where about the camera. According to some sources the Galaxy S3 would feature an 12 MP camera, but with the release of the Galaxy S3 it became clear that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has an 8MP camera

Although some people where a bit dissapointed by this, they have to understand that a higher resolution doesn’t always mean better pictures. Other important factors are the lens and the module processing the images.

Although the camera of the Galaxy S2 was amazing, Samsung has created a complete new cameramodule with image processor for the Galaxy S3.

The first pictures taken by a Galaxy S3

Today Eldar Murtazin posted the first few pictures taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 on his twitter account. Because the pictures where uploaded using twitter we don’t have access to the full size pictures, but the pictures are very detailed non the less.

Here are the first 3 pictures taken with the S3: one close up picture of a flower, one of a car around 10 meters away and one picture of a building further down the street.

In my opinion the pictures look great, but we will have to wait for more pictures to be released before we can really compare the pictures with other mobile phones.

source: EldarMurtazin

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