MWC: Samsung talks about it’s new Exynos processors

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Bit by bit, more information is released about the various upcoming Exynos SoCs (System on a Chip). Until today it still remains vague which one the Samsung Galaxy S3 will use. That why we are always eager for any new information regarding these SoCs.

Samsung did not release the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the Mobile World Conference, however they did give a presentation on their new SoCs. Read on to find out more about the Exynos 4412, could this be the quad core processor that will fuel the Samsung Galaxy S3?

We understand that all the processors might confuse you, so here is a list:

  • Exynos 4210: 45nm – 1.2 GHz – dual core – Cortex A9 – Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Exynos 4212: 32nm – 1.2 GHz – dual core – Cortex A9
  • Exynos 4412: 32nm – 1.5-1.8 GHz – quad core – Cortex A9 – Samsung Galaxy S3 (??)
  • Exynos 5250: 32nm – 2.0 GHz – dual core – Cortex A15
  • Exynos 5450: 32nm – 2.0 GHz – quad core – Cortex A15
The 32nm semiconductor size promises 30% battery use than the 45nm version.
ARM says that the ARM Cortex A15 is 40% faster than an A9 core when everything else is the same.
The latest rumors say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will use an Exynos 4412 processor. In the following video Samsung talks about the Exynos 4412 and 5250 SoCs:

Watch this video on YouTube.

In the video Samsung also talks about how they decreased energy usage by their SoCs, a huge deal for Samsung as discussed here

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