Samsung 15 March event

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We already announced a Dutch Samsung event in a previous post. We are not the only ones who first thought (or hoped) that on this event the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be revealed.

However, thinking about it again an release on the 15th of March doesn’t seem logical at all.

First off all, it would be kinda strange for Samsung Benelux (which is just a small part of Samsungs market) to make such a big of an world wide announcement.

Another thing that is strange is that it clearly says “Samsung Electronics”, in the past all announcements about new mobile phones have been made by the “Samsung Mobile” department.

The reason Samsung gave to not reveal the SIII on the Mobile World Conference was that the time between the announcement and actual release of the phone would be to big, this 15 March event is just a couple of weeks later, so the gap would still be big.

Of course, the S3 could still be announced on the 15th of March (just have a look at the poster; with some imagination you can see an S and a 3 in it!) but get ready for another disappointment like at the MWC.

Samsung, give us the Samsung Galaxy S3!!!

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