Samsung Galaxy s3 camera sensor

News February 17, 2012 266 views 0 Comments

Various rumors can be heard about the Samsung Galaxy s3 camera, some say it will have a 12MP camera, while others think the SIII will have an 8MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy s3 camera sensor

However, there is one thing that all rumours have in common. The Galaxy sIII is said to have a better CMOS sensor.

While most mobile camera’s today have an  1/3.2 inch CMOS-chip (for example the iPhone4S has one), it is possible that the Galaxy S3 will have an 1/2.3 inch CMOS chip (a bigger chip is better). Samsung already showed us their new S5K2P1 CMOS chip, with 1/2.3 inch and a resolution of 16MP. It seems logical that Samsung will use this new chip in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3.

In combination with more RAM and a faster CPU allowing for better processing, we can only dream of the pictures the S3 is going to be able to make!


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