Samsung Galaxy s3 camera sensor

News February 17, 2012 271 views 0 Comments

Various rumors can be heard about the Samsung Galaxy s3 camera, some say it will have a 12MP camera, while others think the SIII will have an 8MP camera.

However, there is one thing that all rumours have in common. The Galaxy sIII is said to have a better CMOS sensor.

While most mobile camera’s today have an  1/3.2 inch CMOS-chip (for example the iPhone4S has one), it is possible that the Galaxy S3 will have an 1/2.3 inch CMOS chip (a bigger chip is better). Samsung already showed us their new S5K2P1 CMOS chip, with 1/2.3 inch and a resolution of 16MP. It seems logical that Samsung will use this new chip in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3.

In combination with more RAM and a faster CPU allowing for better processing, we can only dream of the pictures the S3 is going to be able to make!


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