Samsung Galaxy S3 will have 5 capacitive buttons

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The Korean portal Nate has interviewed a Samsung manager, giving us some new and interesting information on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The curved design of the Galaxy Nexus

The phone will feature 5 capactive buttons on the bottom. Next to the buttons the Samsung Galaxy S2 had, the phone will get two new buttons. One for speach recognition and one for Samsungs own cloud service, called S-Cloud.

But that is not all we got to learn from the interview.

Samsung Galaxy S3 design

According to the source, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be 7mm thick (a number that has showed up before in various rumors) and will weight even less than the Samsung Galaxy S2 (which already was incredibly light). In the looks department the design will be similar to that of the Galaxy Nexus. Does this mean a curved design? We sure hope so!

The last piece of information has us worying a bit, we all know that the battery is the part of a phone that weights the most. I really hope Samsung has improved battery capacity. I wouldn’t mind having my Galaxy S3 weigh a bit more if it would mean a bigger battery.

The last thing the Samsung employee noted about the design, is that the Galaxy S3 will feature an 4.8 inch Super Amoled Plus HD display. If this is an 720p or 1080p screen remains unknown…

The 4.8 inch surprises us a bit, because most of the rumors so far have hinted on a smaller display (around 4.6 inch).

Samsung Galaxy S3 will be quad core powered

The Samsung employee also explained that Samsung had a hard time choosing between a dual core ARM Cortex A15 or an ARM Cortex A9 quad core CPU.

While the dual core A15 is faster and more energy efficient, the general public will just be looking at the number of cores. This is why, for marketing purposes, Samsung decided to ship the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a quad core Exynos 4412.

That’s all the information the Samsung employee gave us, as always this hasn’t been confirmed and we can only wait untill May 3rd before Samsung will announce the Samsung Galaxy S3


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