User Agent Profile new samsung device released

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Samsung released an UAProf, short for user agent profile, for the upcomming GT-i9300.The GT-i9300 is believed to be the next samsung galaxy s device, the samsung galaxy s3.

An UAprof is used by various information deliverers (for example websites) so the deliverded content will match the capability’s of the device.

This might not seem like a big of a deal, but when we have a look at the UAprof we see something strange, the screensize of 1024×600 pixels. This is a strange resolution which we have not heard before in the last few months (and we have had a lot of rumors). So three things could be the case:

  1. Samsung leaked out fake information on purpose to keep us guessing
  2. The information is for another device.
  3. This really is the resolution for the S3

The first one seems the most logical one, because Samsung has done this before with the Galaxy Nexus. The second one also seems logical because Samsung already has 2 tablets which use the 1024×600 resolution.

In the end we can only guess what this means, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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