MWC gossip with Eldar Murtazin

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Even though the Samsung Galaxy S III won’t make it’s appearance on the Mobile World Congress, it is still interesting to see what the competition (Nokia, HTC) is doing during the MWC. Will the phones be able to compete with the S3 once it is released?

One guy to answer this question could be Eldar Murtazin (editor-in-chief for He is known in the mobile world for spreading interesting rumors about upcoming phones and he has made some interesting statements on his Twitter.

In his first tweet Eldar cryptically mentions the “next gen of Samsung displays”. Could this be a Super Amoled Plus HD screen? If we have to believe Eldar one thing is sure, HTC latest technology (called Super LCD 2) won’t be able to compete with Samsung’s latest screen technology. Will the new Samsung screen technology in the S3? Only time can tell.

Another interesting statement Eldar makes is that even though the Samsung Galaxy S III won’t be available for public on the MWC, it is still possible to see the S3 behind closed doors. If this really is the case, we sure will have some interesting upcoming days with hopefully some leaks with new information about the upcoming smart phone.

And if the last two tweets weren’t interesting enough, look at the above tweet! “In may we will see a real king”, could this be the Samsung Galaxy S3?

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