Samsung Galaxy s3 might be waterproof

Rumors February 4, 2012 1,423 views 2 Comments

A waterproof coating has been announced on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This special coating will make every device waterproof.  

Rumors are already spreading that the Liquipel company is doing business with Apple and Samsung.

Liquipel is a coating that attaches itsself to every chip and circuit on the inside of a mobile phone, this will prevent these parts from getting in contact with water (which might cause problems), making the phone waterproof. So its not about keeping water out of the mobile phone, its about making sure that nothing can happen once water gets inside the phone.

You can view a short promo video here:

Watch this video on YouTube.

According to the company making this technology it will be available “next smartphone season”, will it be on time to make an appearance in the Samsung Galaxy s3? We sure hope so because with this feature we will no longer have to worry when we drop our phone into water.

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  • vijay reddy

    Samsung Galaxy s3 looking great, price rate???

    • admin

      Our guess is a similar price tag to the Samsung Galaxy S2 when it was launched, once we know more we will let you know

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